CHROMA (Modern Comb Filter Overhaul)

This is a three voice Comb Filter built from Modern Comb

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April 23, 2020
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This is an overhaul of the Modern Comb Filter, I completed it about a year or so ago but given my current sense of boredom, isolation, and need for a project, I decided to finish it. The effect runs simultaneously through three iterations of this comb filter. Each can be mixed and played at the same time to create basic chords and drones. All filters are tuned to a master pitch which can be controlled either by a pitch input or root pitch by clicking the piano icon.

I have also implemented a lag for the three pitches. This is only audible when the fine knob is turned. For more interesting results stack this block into another Chroma. The feedback becomes very rich. As a note is played the note will transition to the next note in accordance with the fader position. In order to gain access to this simply click LVL to switch to LAG. Be sure you turn the KT to either left or right to hear any discernable changes.

Broken record time: I would like to stress that this took a lot of work to develop. If you feel inclined, please consider donating to my Paypal here:

I look forward to the inevitable downvoting of my work without any real comment or criticism by a gracious troll. I assume at this point it is the standard custom in this user library :)


Original Description of this Block:

The Comb delays the input signal and feeds it back onto itself, similar to an echo effect. However, the Comb is optimized for very short delay times, causing interferences in the audible range. It creates regularly spaced peaks and troughs in the frequency response, resembling the appearance of a comb. The effect gets more pronounced as the feedback is increased. Apart from filtering oscillator signals, the Comb can also be used to create effects like flanging and chorus, or serve as the basis for physical modelling sounds. If Key Tracking is turned up, it can be controlled with a Pitch signal arriving at the Pitch input, making it possible to play the Comb's frequency according to a musical scale.


Jan Ola @ NI
1 year ago
Hi Joey Valizan, I noticed your Block is compatible with Racks, so I have assigned it to our new category "Blocks (Rack-Ready)".