Pitch Quant PC-Xpos

Pitch Quant block allowing transposition of the pitch-filter

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1.1 (Updated 2 years ago)
April 27, 2020
Reaktor 6


I recently uploaded a version of this block, but it had a bug in it, and so I removed that posting and have fixed the bug.
My apologies to those who downloaded. Please try this block instead!

On offer is another modification of the Digilog Pitch Quant block. My first mod fixed a bug; this one provides more functionality.

The Digilog Pitch Quant block has a Transpose function that allows transposition of the incoming notes. These transposed input notes get filtered by whatever Note (pitch-class; C, C#, D…) Buttons are currently active.
So the output of the transposition, while potentially useful, is masked somewhat by going through the same filtering process regardless of the transposition. (My new mod-block retains this feature.)

I decided I wanted to be able to transpose the filter itself.
From a structural point of view, this retains the original pitch relationships, i.e. the intervallic content remains identical, but the outgoing notes are different pitches governed by the same structure, depending on the transposition level.
So this is like for example major or minor scales under transposition. *

This could be a very nice tool for live performance. It also seems effective to me for creating ‘minimalist music’ effects. Try sending a MIDI file into the Pitch Quant block with only 3 or 4 note buttons active. Then transpose the collection, and then do it again. You’ll get a nice repetitive riffing with changed pitched content.

I hope there won’t be any more bugs, but of course that isn’t something I can guarantee.
Let me know if you find it useful.

* The system of intervals is identical, but the notes that sound can change as the scales themselves are of course 7-note subsets of the totality of pitch choices (12 in the Equal Temperament 12 pitches per octave system).


Catman Dude
2 years ago
BTW, here's an important tip: if you want to change the selection of Notes, always bring the XPos fader back to 0 first. Otherwise you'll click on a Note-name and it will get transposed to a different one.