2 X 2 Linked CVs

Four faders linked into 2 pairs of 2

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May 20, 2020
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An old-fashioned block (OFB).
(Built mostly from pieces of 3 NI factory blocks: Gates & Trigs, Macro Knobs, Kodiak Duality Osc.)

2 X 2 Linked CVs comprises 4 faders, grouped into 2 pairs.

Each fader can be switched between Unipolar (‘UNI’: all positive values) and BiPolar (‘BI’: positive and negative values).

Each of the pairs of faders is indicated by a tall vertical stripe (mouse area), which has one fader on its left side, the other on the right.
All 4 faders are color-coded (green and yellow bounding the stripe for ‘CHAN 1’, orange & red bounding the stripe for ‘CHAN 2’).
(The ‘CHAN’ names become more meaningful on VIEW B.)

Each of the 4 faders can be modulated individually of course.

The distance between the pairs of faders on each tall vertical stripe defines an offset between them, which, when you hover over it or click on the stripe will change to show a ‘box’, which can be dragged, creating a linkage between the paired faders, so that both their values are changed simultaneously at the distance of the offset.

The modulation indicators (which are very thin vertical stripes) are color-coded as well for easy identification and eyeballing.

Since I was keen to know precisely the ranges of modulation values, as well as the precise settings of the A/B sliders, I used the B VIEW for this purpose. (I love spaghetti, but not if I can’t eat it. ;-)
On VIEW B all the faders’ modulations are color-coded so that it’s easy to tell which modulation numeric readout belongs with which fader.

As for the numerics for the A/B sliders, they are divided into 2 pairs, ‘CHAN 1’ and ‘CHAN 2’ — CHAN 1 indicates the Green and Yellow faders, CHAN 2 indicates the Orange and Red faders.
Each of the rows indicates either the ‘Left’ faders (Green then Orange on the first row, Yellow then Red on the second row).

It’s just another tool, but you may find it useful on occasion.


2 years ago
72x110 was the size of the icon you use for the ism. 180x271 is the size of the hc. If I use icons the name got an extension: _ico. So I can't confound the graphics.
Catman Dude
2 years ago
Thanks. It's clearer at least. Maybe I should have rotated it?
2 years ago
Ah you load up the icon - he? Take a hardcopy from the gui please.
Catman Dude
2 years ago
Paule, what's the right size for the image? The image I changed to is 72 X 110. Same effect.
Catman Dude
2 years ago
Paule, I may have uploaded the wrong-sized png file. Maybe I can edit the posting...
2 years ago
David, your hardcopy is so blur. Looks like with tears in my eyes?