fairly solid transient detector

uses fft, seldom misses*

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1.1 (Updated 1 year ago)
May 24, 2020
Reaktor 6
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made this after getting mad at an undisclosed commercial plugin, thinking, 'come on! how hard is it to trigger at an actual transient instead of the slightest incidental chirp of input' so this separates out the transients spectrally from the main signal and uses that for a trigger. at its most effective it will bop right along with the rhythm of your drum track or guitar or whatever (prince songs were used to build it). has a delay of 640 samples because of fft. includes a trigger out, for whatever. you'll want to use reaktor as an effect to hear the included amplitude envelope gating

update 1.1 i am fairly pleased with the high rating, considering that the version i had previously uploaded was the wrong one with a bunch of confusing extra crap that wasn't supposed to be there. so that is what is fixed in 1.1.


Catman Dude
1 year ago
Unfortunately I know that 'uploaded wrong version' syndrome all too well! Thanks for the update.
Jonathan Tremblay
1 year ago