Variation sounds with bird chirp and whistle elements

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1.0 (Updated 2 years ago)
June 19, 2020
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A generating synth running on 2 sound generators - 1. Metaphysical Function (created by Mike Daliot, James Walker-HallSpeedy J, Hannes Strobl, Mike Daliot, Machinehead, Richard Devine, BT, Telefon Tel Aviv, Christian Kjeldsen, Daniel Santucci and Phirol) and 2. Space Drone (created by Martijn Zwartjes, Smyglyssna, Jörg Remmer Müller, Junkie XL, AME, Richard Devine, Leonard Lass / Depart). There are 7 presets that goes from more bird sounds to a distorted sound and the last 2 presets evolving into whistles. A scope is attached to the Banaan Electrique (created by Martijn Zwartjes, Rico Baade and Leonhard Lass) for waveform check. All three instruments are attached to their individual volume controls and measured in the Mixer. The distortion 'Driver' is attached to the Banaan Electrique for a harsher quality sound. I have tried to keep the CPU usage a little a low as possible.