Misty Valley (Lite version) - Blurred Sound Colors

Unstable/noisy synth inspired by Boards of Canada, AphexTwin

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June 29, 2020
Reaktor 6


This is a lite version of Misty Valley that includes only 10 presets while the full version includes 75 presets. You can get the full version of Misty Valley for free here: https://gumroad.com/l/bcHaVA - just enter $0.
The sound demo was produced only with Misty Valley and Valhalla Supermassive.

Here is some video demo of Misty Valley:

The concept of Misty Valley came about when I was trying to create a “blurred” synthesizer sound as part of my musical project Oblik Lines. By “blurred” I mean those intriguing synthesizer sounds you can find in such music by Boards of Canada, Rival Consoles or Alessandro Cortini, to name a few. These sounds can be described as unstable and imprecise, which makes them more human/organic. I took inspiration from the analogue synths from the late 70s/80s and designed this subtractive synthesizer with just two oscillators. Other functions within modules are then added to emphasize this blurring effect. These include: the Drifter, which replicated the pitch instability of tape machines; and the Tape Sampler to add tape noise in the signal chain to reinforce the LoFi/Organic feel.

As you may have guessed, Misty Valley is not a clean or multi-purpose synthesizer, rather it focuses at creating a very distinctive and unique misty sound.

Misty Valley, includes 75 presets that I have split in 4 sound banks:
- Blurred noises: an overload of noisy sounds
- Unstable textures: dreamy / soaring sounds with a touch of noise
- Almost clean: classical analog sounds with some noise
- Noise beds: atmospheric noise pads

There's also a standard "By Categorie" folder for quick search.

If you want to tell me for which project you used it or just to say hello please write me at obliklines@gmail.com

You will find all links to my social media and music as oblik lines here : https://linktr.ee/obliklines

Thank you for reading all the way through and I hope you will enjoy playing with these sounds :) Misty Valley is in Creative Commons Attribution licence so you are free to use the it in commercial and non-commercial work as long as you credit the author. Please do not distribute the patch or the samples outside of this ensemble.
If you are using it in your own productions I would appreciate that you tag my instagram (https://www.instagram.com/obliklines/) in description so that more people could discover it.

Enjoy ! ;)

Concept, Patch, GUI & Sound Design by Oblik Lines
Tube Overdrive core cell by Robin Davies (Reaktor User Librarie)
Background photo by Cindy J.


Lafayette Escadrille
2 months ago
Is the Glide not working for anyone else (full version) ?
Lafayette Escadrille
2 months ago
Top 10 Reaktor User Library for 2020. Merci
Jeff Goddard
3 months ago
In all the many years I've been rooting through the user library, and hurting my brain with reaktor...this is my first comment. I LOVE this.
Michael Zweschper
4 months ago
Carmen Rizzo
4 months ago
Absolutely LOVE this!
4 months ago
Lovely synth
4 months ago
Dig It . If ok , I'd like to add vocals /inst. to this and see what comes of it . Check me out on jeff ham soundcloud . Message me and let me know if its ok , jeff ham
Clayton Webster
4 months ago
This is great, so easily playable. Really nice job!
John Smith
4 months ago
Bit of a problem in monophonic mode if you hold one key and then press and release another key the noise doesn't stop, in fact you can layer a bunch of noise if you want.
Oblik Lines
5 months ago
Merci Claude :)
Claude S.
5 months ago
After playing it, I picked this up. It's a nice addition to the studio. :)
Claude S.
5 months ago
I really like this quite a bit! :)
Oblik Lines
5 months ago
Thank you guys :)
Jonathan Stubbs
5 months ago
Yea, I agree with Phil about the demo. It really shows what and why.
5 months ago
Phil Price
5 months ago
You win my prize for the best demo music.