Hard Electric

An electric guitar with wave synthesis generator

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2.0 (Updated 1 year ago)
July 01, 2020
Reaktor 6
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An electric guitar generating synth that uses the SQ 8x8 step-sequencer (Lazyfish, Phillip Granzin) and Metaphysical Function (Mike Daliot, James Walker-Hall, Speedy J, Hannes Strobl, Mike Daliot, Machinehead, Richard Devine, BT, Telefon Tel Aviv, Christian Kjeldsen, Daniel Santucci) to generate the sound. The SQ8x8 is subtracted into the Monark Filter and outputted into the mixer. The presets are as follows:
1. Technolicious
2. Dark Tech
3. Hard Guitar
4. Guitar Scream
5. Scream II
6. Low Electric
7. Static Rage
8. Half Rage
9. Suspect Band
10. Drive By

V2 Update
Added the Driver distortion block and modulated it with the Rounds Reverb block.
Added 3 more presets:
11. Landing
12. Zombie
13. Aggressive


1 year ago
Yes, of this there is little doubt. Unfortunately, I have been disabled and so live on a fixed income and even the smallest purchase must be carefully weighed. Of course, the fascist criminal Fauci's pet vector has not improved circumstances for any of us in this respect. When I first lost mobility, the pawnshops slowly ate all my gear and the music just kinda faded from my existence. I am so grateful to the Reactor platform and all the brilliant and generous creators/devs of the UL for returning the music to my life! Peace
Ashish Patel
1 year ago
If you really like the Blocks Framework, it is worth the upgrade as a lot of the modules are pre-programmed as opposed to building it in Primary.
1 year ago
Hey, thanks for responding to the query I should have directed through the forum. So the ish turned out to be some payware elements I did not possess - some Blocks Primes/Factory content. You need these or that portion/generally all of the ens is non-functional. Live and learn...
Ashish Patel
1 year ago
Updated this ensemble after a while. Got some type of zombie-ish sounds but still needs more work on it.
david inde
1 year ago
Yes i love it...
Ashish Patel
2 years ago
I checked the ensemble and I don't see anything blue-d out. Any particular instrument causing this?
2 years ago
The first two blocks of this ensemble are coming up blue-d out like when they time out in demo, only immediately on launch. I already use Metaphysical Function, so what - exactly , is verboten here? . Unplayable like this.
andrew aronson
2 years ago
are you mad at me