4 x Sample Layer Player

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Nick Dwyer
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August 14, 2020
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sampler


A 4 channel mixing desk with 3-way EQ and FOUR samplers each loaded with 36 DIFFERENT Flintpope samples to each other, making 144 unique sounds that can be layered in up to 1296 possible combinations.

There are 30 presets to give a flavour of these possibilities. Double click “Embedded” in the presets side-pane or use the drop-down menu in the device header.

Plus Reverb and Echo FX, Envelope and Velocity Sensitivity.

Each sampler also has its own unique controls for sample Choice, Pitch, Start-point, Random Playback and Warped Vinyl effect. Each sampler also has Solo, Mute, Pan, Level, 2 Sends and 3-Way EQ. The mixer also provides Master Level, Pan and Mute and 2 Returns.

The value of this is the ability to easily replace the samples with your own* and/or rip out the samplers and for example replace with four synths, or whatever…

*Need advice? Go to the Reaktor 6 Diving Deeper manual and open Chapter 8, page 69 (The Sample Map Editor) for a detailed guide. Ensure all samples are set to midi note 60 and the keyboard range is from midi note 2-37 inclusive for the selector dials to operate correctly.

CC 14-29 inclusive are assigned variously to sample selects, levels, pans, and pitches.

SILVER is monophonic and requires the full version of Reaktor 6


Nick Dwyer
5 months ago
Steady on Irene
Irene Wiley
5 months ago
A "Nick Dwyer" Product!!!...Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!Awesome!!!! Ok 2020 ain't so bad after all...This is the "SILVER" lining. Thank you!!!
Nick Dwyer
5 months ago
Pleasure Greg. Please share etc balh blah blunk
Greg Killmaster
5 months ago
sounds amazing. thanks for this!