pandoBaki 2.2

dedicated to Philippe & Greg

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2.2 (Updated 10 months ago)
August 20, 2020
Reaktor 6
Instrument Sequencer


polyrhythm perx & bass & kick
slow is a beautiful sport
TRK-01 PLAY Bass & Kick

Version 2.2
- ADDED: individual length
- ADDED: new Len ranges
- ADDED: DynaLim
- ADDED: Bass Melody
- ADDED: Lazy B
- ADDED: FX send Bass
- ADDED: FX send Kick
- ADDED: FX send pandoro
- ADDED: Full perx samples
- ADDED: mod Root range
- FIXED: Pamt min range
- FIXED: gui
- FIXED: MIX in PidL

Additional snapshots kindly done by Greg Killmaster and Philippe Loiseau

More pandoBaki sound is here:

A good YT example for rhythms tabla / drum & bass - it's a year old. So they don't use pandoBaki


Amira Hani
11 months ago
Wow,..... das ist cool monströs.
Greg Killmaster
11 months ago
ha ha
11 months ago
ah ah
Philippe Loiseau
11 months ago
oh oh