2 knob, "Tape-like" audio effect

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James Peck
V1E (Updated 1 month ago)
September 15, 2020
Reaktor 6
Effect Multi-Effect


Demo Video:

Presenting MRX90, a quick and easy way to add some colour to your tracks.

MRX90 does not set out to model the sound of any particular tape, or tape recorder.

There are only 2 knobs:
The "Noise" knob adds in tape noise, gated to the strength of the signal.
The "Age" knob compresses, filters out the high end, and adds some wow and flutter.

Reaktor 6.3.0 or higher is required in order to use this. In your DAW, load the "Reaktor 6 FX" plugin, and then load this file within that.

Enjoy :)


S Bateman
1 month ago
This is wonderful, thank you!
Andreas Neufeld
1 month ago
i dont even know how it sounds yet but the minimalist colorful interface design makes this amazing already!
Dacci Pucci
1 month ago
Great effect, thanks for sharing!
Z Gabr
1 month ago
Sebastian Zangar
1 month ago
Supadope. Thanks a ton and also for sharing.
Anselm Meyer
1 month ago
Sounds very cool. Thank you for sharing.
Phil Price
1 month ago
What beautiful quirky little ens.. Love the gui. I will use this for sure to get some 80s tape authenticity.
1 month ago
thank you!
1 month ago
Love it!
1 month ago
Love all your works, nobody forgot about Bluewave.
István Király
1 month ago
Greg Cole
1 month ago
outstanding work sir, this will get lots of use!
Edwin Jones
1 month ago
Michael Le
1 month ago
So dope dude!
László Bolender (Triangle Wave Records)
1 month ago
Very nicely done!
Raul Lizarraga
1 month ago
simple and amazing. thank you!
Guillaume Richard
1 month ago
sweet ! thanks!
Quinn Hanratty
1 month ago
so cool! thank you!