Live microlooper engine

Triggers microloop once set input volume threshold is passed

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Olavi Inha
0.0.2 (Updated 1 year ago)
September 16, 2020
Reaktor 6
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CAUTION: the nature of this ensemble is probably very sensitive to creating audio feedback, so beware. Start with headphones instead of speakers if in doubt.

Triggers a random length microloop of live audio input when input audio level reaches set 'mic pickup threshold'.

Consider any looper (loop station, loop pedal, you know what I mean) with the following differences:
1. the recording of the loop is automatically triggered by input volume (exceeds set threshold).
2. the recording is automatically stopped (and immediately played back as a loop) after a very, very short period of time.

Performs best with sharp oneshot-like sounds. This ensemble is meant as a basic structure for further development.

- 'init' button: click once to initialize ensemble functionality. This button also "clears the slate", you may want to click it after certain knob twiddles.
- 'monitor' switch: toggle direct input -> output (hear mic)
- 'repeat' button: toggle microloop play. Activation is automatically triggered when a short clip has been recorded.
- 'mic pickup threshold' slider: input volume level that triggers recording of the short clip that is then looped.
- 'release' knob: rectifies and smoothens input signal.
- 'max length' knob: adjust maximum loop length.
- Note that the built-in example effects are off by default. Activate to test.

- Use 'FX CHAIN' instrument box to easily modify the raw output by adding effects or editing the built-in ones.

Likely future development:
- Reduce loop click (light fade/grain, adjust loop length by some kind of real-time waveform analysis?).

Video demo with a couple of Reaktor's built-in effects added to FX CHAIN box:

Music is bad, noise is good.


Olavi Inha
1 year ago
Update: Added a couple of built-in effects and stereo channels to FX box + monitor toggle (hear live mic too).
Petty Vendetta
1 year ago, dig:
Petty Vendetta
1 year ago
Dope AF
Philippe Loiseau
1 year ago
nice idea !