Solar Loop Echo

A new take on the Space Echo

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1.01 (Updated 1 year ago)
October 04, 2020
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


New in 1.01
Added "Motion"-panning to each planet/head.

The Roland Space Echo is famous for its spacious and gritty sound. It uses a tape loop with one record head and three playheads. As the distance between these heads is fixed, you have to alter the tape speed to adjust delay times. Digital delays can’t do that easily. To alter the „tape speed“ in a digital delay, you have to change the sample rate. So most digital „tape“ delays just change the distance between play- and record-head. This sounds similar, but it’s not the same. Thinking about a way of changing the real „tape speed“ in Reaktor, an idea struck me:

What If we could set the tape speed for each head individually?
What if the heads don’t even have to move in the same direction?
And if the heads move, does the tape have to move at all?
And wouldn’t heads moving around a circle of stationary tape look like planets moving around the sun?

See and hear for yourself. Have fun. Enjoy….


Bee Feltham
11 months ago
This is truly fantastic! It is great fun to use, but it also produces results that would be highly interesting to those who had no idea how they were created. It can be extremely musical, or extremely wild, or both. If I had paid £50 or so for this, I would think I had got a bargain, as I'd expect it to be priced at twice that. (Or four to six times that by some developers...)
Damon Krause
1 year ago
There are many hidden gems in the user library. This is one of them. Thank you Jörg
cecilia brown
1 year ago
1 year ago
How do you install them to reaktor?
Johan Bastiaensen
1 year ago
Simple en nice.
Stephan Bobinger
1 year ago
very nice
ian ainslie
1 year ago
Yeah, this thing rocks! Looks great in action and sounds great in action. Thanks so much!
1 year ago
I'm about a week or two in with Solar Loop Echo. I love this thing. Its so much fun to play with. I'll be floating around in mind bliss so much when messing with it I forget to keep working on the tune.
1 year ago
Great concept. This effect looks and sounds very fine!
Dieter Zobel
1 year ago
klingt, macht Spass, danke
Dama Amanda
1 year ago
Hurrah for the mind behind! So simple, so pure.
Claude S.
1 year ago
What the guy below said. But in all honesty, I downloaded it with a ho-hum attitude, only to be totally obliterated by the delay's wonderful nature. It will become part of my toolset for a very long time. Thank you for maing this!
1 year ago
This is truly a beautiful thing. Thank you for sharing! You'd be losing if you blew this off as "ANOTHER" delay. The potential this adds to even an ordinary instrument is impressive. Love the glitchy remnants one can discover in far-off decaying orbits! The visuals are so satisfying - SEEING the echoes in relation to hearing them, swinging the pots left and right of 12 o'clock and seeing the "planets/planetoids/objects" change orbital direction, adding inertia, giving a sense of MASS, just great! The visual instrument response really aids expressive play and the overall aesthetic just complements what is truly a knob-twiddlers' delight. Sweet!
Timothy Duffie
1 year ago
This is great!
phillip bova
1 year ago
Amazing ... using this tonight!
Claude S.
1 year ago
YES. This rocks.
Vagelis M
1 year ago
Very nice!
1 year ago
this is really fantastic! it sounds great, and I love the concept
Petty Vendetta
1 year ago
Kooky. thanks Jörg
Guillaume Richard
1 year ago
whaaaa! so good!:) danke Joerg!
Catman Dude
1 year ago
Way cool Jörg! Really like the unanticipated echoes.