XYS Seq Block Enhancement

Adding 2 new modes + AutoRand of 4 Controls

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1.3 (Updated 9 months ago)
October 26, 2020
Reaktor 6


For fans of the West Coast XYS Sequencer Block:
Here’s a tweak of that block that supplies AutoRandom to a number of different controls, and adds 2 extra modes (explained later on) to the block. It also supplies AutoRandomizing of 4 controls which makes the new block more flexible and interesting in many cases.

On the A View I added a button “X or Y” which allows Y-Gates the same powers given on the original block only to X-Gates, when the Mode control specifies one of the “ZigZag” modes.
When this X or Y button is set to “X” you derive the same modes as on the original block.
When the button is set to “Y” the extra 2 modes come from driving the ZigZag with Y-Gates. N.B. the X-Gates and Y-Gates need to be at different rates for the effect to be different between them.

In the original block the internal ZigZag-Clock is slower than the X-Clock by a factor of 4.
This 4 to 1 ratio holds as well for ZZ-Clocks based on Y-Gates; thus again different rates for the X-Gates and Y-Gates are necessary to obtain different effects when ZigZagging on Y from X.

In addition to these extra modes you have 4 sets of controls for auto-randomizing:
1) Mode; 2) Logic; 3) X Direction; 4) Y Direction.

AutoRand depends on having an External signal plugged into the Reset input.
The relevant controls are on the B View.

When Reset happens and any or all of the 4 controls mentioned above has its “AutRst” button enabled, randomizing may take place, depending on the Knob associated with the control. If a randomly generated number is less than or equal to the value of the knob associated with the control, the value of the control will receive a new, random value within its range. (Which means sometimes the value will be the same as the prior value and you won’t see a change in such cases.) These knobs can be A/B modulated just for a little more random fun.

If any of this isn’t clear just comment to that effect and I’ll write a more verbose description on the User Forum.
Have fun!


Catman Dude
8 months ago
Hope you get some fun sounds randomizing sequences with this tweak, Brett!
Brett Lavallee
8 months ago
Cool! Thank you.