Semi Modular mono synth

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v0.53b (Updated 1 year ago)
November 13, 2020
Reaktor 6



current version
- added an noises oscillators [4th]ListSlot(5thWaveform) to VCO2 (White, Pink(HQ)).
- replaced the routhers of the VCOs from the R6-library-oscillators-XR-routhers with the blocks SR.C routhers.

In a nutshell
Modusa is a semi-modular mono synth with a 'topest-shelf' esthetics standards of behind the rive Sambation(IL) ( Its got a stereo signals starting from the VCO's outputs. With the programmable modulation-matrix you can save your basic modulaions on a snapshots, and with MIMO(Multipule Inputs, Multipule Outputs) CVs to the main Instrument you can and probbly should go crazy, also its got an A/Bs buttons&inputs as a modulation-sherry on the top of the modulation mechanizm. So, for a summ Modusa got alot of modulation possibilitis.
With three diffrent methos for it:
- the 1st method is the good old softwear's way of doing things w/ menu-diving on a modulation matrix.
- 2nd method is an even older method, the hardwear's way of doing things via virtual CV patchbay,
- and the last 3rd method is with the A/B Blocks modulation - NI standard (the blocks AB was wirtten here 3rd, only becuase its have been added to Modusa last. but, I must say it's my favorite way of doing things by-far.).

On top of that Modusa also got:
- multimode VCOs(4-waveforms x2 featuring exclusive synthesis type for each waveshape, and some synthesis types for all four waveforms).
- multimode VCFs(4-types of filters with selcealble modes for the L/R channels).
- VCA with overdrived saturation.
- multimode stereo Delays(signal-flow is copyed out of what is printed on the KORG-MS2000B Synth [I'm still trying to find the magic values for the smoothers and minClipers on the time-miliSeconds L/R knobs, for it to sounds exactly like the MS2000 delays, nevertheless its sounds pritty good to me with the current values.]).
- And a stereo output channels-Module out of NI's 'Stereo-Mix' Block from the 'UTIL' pack.

take with you your ShNorKel - Diving deeper information -

[VCOs] - 4 waveshaps x2.
!saw*7! - up to 7 layers on top of eatch other with different tuning ranges (regular/soft).
!pulse*7! - up to 7 layers on top of eatch other with different tuning ranges (regular/soft).
[note!] - regular/soft detuning ranges -
regular = shape1(0..1), shpe2(0..2), shap3(0..3)....
soft = shape1(0..1), shape2(0..1/2), shape3(0..1/3)....
!triangle! - triangle with overdrived tanh-x4 (4p interp) saturation.
!sine! - FM(PhM) operator with feedback.
!VCO synthesis! - Sync(saw, pls, tri), FM, RM, PWM(pls), PhM(sin).
!VCO output! - stereo spread, out level, and stereo balance (pan) controllers.

[VCF] 4 filter types. (!NO!more in-use)
!diode LP! - nonlinear -24dB/octave.
!dirty SK LP! - nonlinear -12dB/octave.
!SVF! - linear - selectable LP,BP,HP for individual channels (L/R).
!MultiNotch! - 2N/4N/6N notch filter.

[VCF] 4 filter types (starts in version 0.52)
!SVF! - nonlinear State-variable - LP/HP/BP.
!dirtySK! - modified Sallen Key - LP/BP.
!Ladder! - 2nd order nonlinear ladder - 1/2/3/4pole.
!MultiNotch! - 2/4/6N Filters.
all the modes of these filters are switchable on the L/R channels.

[VCA] -
-> output module with Lvl_dB and Stereo balance (parabolic-uni2bi Pan) controllers.
-> trigger-modes selction list:
- EG,
- Gate,
- or Latched (for a sound generator usage / modular output-modulation).
-> overdrived saturation -
- tanh saturation function with x4-Points interpulation,
- preSat gain-overdriver with a value ranges of -12dB..+46dB,
- unique polarity scale for the 'Sat' knob [0dB at mid point].

[Delay] - classic Stereo/Cross/PingPong[L/R](Korg MS2000B style) with LP/HP filering, and mSec/Tempo sync modes.
[note!] - DT-L and DT-R CV input-ports have a min-cliper, and therefor takes only positive modulation signals.
[EG] - two 5 stages envelopes Dly,A,D,S,R with display plot.
- Tip! - use the AB modulation to modulate one or more EG's stage(s) to see the plot's line(s) moving according to you'er modulation source!.
[LFO] - two multiwaveshape LFO with selectable rate range.
[UTIL - NOTE IN] - for the midi info of the system.

creadit to Michael Hetrick for his 'Analog RM' from the Euro Reakt blocks pack.

updates history:
-Reorganized the GUI.
-mSemitone modulation Input-Port of the VCOs rescaled to -+96 semitones instead of -+48.
-Triangle waveforms of VCO's can also get an HardSync modulation.
-Added Output Ch. macro out of 'MIX-Level Stereo' block.
-fixed the VCA module to work better with amplitude modulation.
-rescaled the mSemitone CV inputs-ports once-more, to be able to work with blocks(0..120).
-added an example Ens with Bento8Step.
-added several snapshots.

added modulation matrix with 8 slots,
-two target distanations per slot,
-invert and mute buttons fro every target list,
-dedicate LFOs waveforms selector for eatch slot,
-bipolar depth,
-31 target distanations in every target list.

-made the synth 'Rack-Ready'

- added inputs and outputs ports to the 'mainFrame' of the patch-bay
- added AB modulation ports and buttons
(still in the progress of replacying all the knobs and smoothers to the blocks AB knobs and 15K smoothers.)

-replaceced most of the knobs and smoothers with the Blocks A/B standard.
-added an Hyperbolic (4-Points Interpolated) overdrive to the VCA module.
-added 'LED' lamps to all of the Patchbay outputs ports
-added positive/negative selector for the EGs external outputs.
-rearranged the Patchbay to have an height of 240px for better work flow with blocks.
-fixed missedup pins connections bug with VCO2 (sorry for that its needs to be fine now.)

- re-designed the Filter Instrument.
- replaced the linear SVF with NL SVF.
- replaced the diode-ladder with 2ndOrder NL ladder.
- re-designed the 'dirty-SallenKey'.
- re-designed the 'MultiNotch'.
- all the Filters are now L/R Filter-mode selectable.
- all the Filters's parameters are now supporting the A/B modulations ports.
- replaced the Overdrive saturation function of the VCA, from Hyperbolic to Hyperbolic-Tangend.
- added title and switch on/off to the VCF (sorry for that, i'ev forgot about it.).
- there's bug(s) found(fixed in v0.52c) (tested on Reaper x64 w/ Ens mode @ Reaktor's edit button On) -
- issue with layering GUI parts in the EG1's patchbay - outputs ports are not accessible to the user (that was the title "Programmable.." of the modulation matrix on the patchbay).
- issue with layering GUI parts in one or more of the VCOs - tiltes of some buttons are not visuable, maybe some parametes as well (that was the button 'soft' of the detuning for the Saw and Pulse appearing also on the GUI of the stucked macros 'WFs Featureas' on slots Ids 2 and 3 of the [2]-Triangle and [3]-Sine).
- fixed a max-value a bit > 1 for the filter's resonance to have a selfoscillation option.
- added Filter keyTracking via button.
- added GUI 'position-pointer' to the default value of the filter's Cutoff so that the keyTracker will play in tune.
- added GUI 'position-pointer' to default 0dB value on the filter's 'Boost' knob.
- added shadows to the knobs (still in the progress of that.).
- repositioned all of the knobs lables (needs more work on that).

- replaced 4 sliders of the 1st 4slots of the 'Programmable-Modulation' Module with an A/B supporting knobs(1KSmth).
- rescaled the Filter's Resonance maxValue to starts selfocillation only at~100%
- linked the Delay msTime-L to the msTime-R for manual automation purposes.
- GUI - done repositioning of all the labals of knobs, buttons, and lists.
- GUI - still have a work to do with knobs's shaddows.

don't be an ass-hole.

vesion 1 will appear at some point in time, and if not? well, find youself an FFT time2frequency convertor it got stucked there, at some point in the freqency domain. :D

see yourself as a Beta-tester-user ones you'ev downloaded Modusa. that way all of us will see ver1.00 faster. Reports of bugs may sent here on the comments section.
--->(this part is not mandatory at any way shape or form).

Congratulations! your mannaged to read all of my typos and (hopfuly) passed this mini manual in an understandable manner. get to yourself a beer from the nearest freezer and download this splended effect in the link below as a bonuse for taking the time to read my stuff

Stereo spread / signal spliter mono->stereo macro that is in use in the Modusa VCOs, ready for your usage as an effect Ensamble:

enjoy and take care!
Moshe Moishroom Banano / BipolarDisorder Buonanno.


Moshe Banano
1 year ago
Note: also about the preview pic: you can see there the last remaining part of Medusza's head, so be carefull with climing up to a too high levels on the mountens of dB. somewhere in the Amp's woods of the VCA parts, some ppl clames that "accourding to some urban's-legents the rest of the head may-be found out there" so dont clam too high, because you might get Stoned ;D
Moshe Banano
1 year ago
Note: the pic on the screenshot is for illustration purpose only - you my try to patch your copy of Modusa same way as in that pic, but no-one can tell for sure the sounds its going to produce.
Moshe Banano
1 year ago
Link: Korg Ms2000B pic just to show were exactly the delays signal flow schema is printed - (pic may be updeated on this link for a better one.)
Moshe Banano
1 year ago
Grate thank'ya Dude, I'm glad you liked it!.
Catman Dude
1 year ago
thanks, Moshe! you have done splendid work in building this synth. It appears to have taken 'Blocks' into new territory. Congrats. 5*