Spring Lab 1.1

Spring Reverb

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1.1 (Updated 1 year ago)
November 24, 2020
Reaktor 6
Effect Delay based


First, if you have Reaktors' audio input routing set to Monitor, Software Return or similar, make sure you have a signal going into this before you turn Reaktor on in order to avoid a nasty feedback overload.

*July 2021 update*

Tweaks and quality improvements. Updated to maintain parity with upcoming uploads :)

Reverb modulation: significant quality improvement
Number of nyquist stage selector
FB amounts for each section

Reverb shape control
Tap tempo
Delay time quantise to BPM
Brightness control

Spring Lab is a spring reverb with both of the propagation wave types and the reverb each modelled separately. The upper or compression wave uses loads of allpass filters (up to 5,440 poles) to achieve the frequency dependent spectral effect of the frequencies above the 'transition frequency'. The lower or shear wave also uses allpass filters (100-600) but of a slightly different, 'stretched' type. The reverb in the lower component is fairly standard but is not modulated and each delay time is a prime number of samples.
There is also a convolution module (Credit: Laurent Sevestre) with custom impulse responses used to create a very steep slope lowpass necessary in the lower, shear component. This spring reverb started out in a relatively under developed state in my previous upload called Syntrix. CPU usage varies between "very usable" to "won’t run in real-time" and depends on the number of components of various types selected.
This effect is designed to only run at 48 and 96k sample rates and the appropriate value should be chosen on the panel as well as in Reaktor itself for correct operation.
Credit to Jan Brahler for the MonsterAllpass instrument. Shoutout to Julian Parker. I hope you enjoy all the springy sproingy sounds.


Damon Krause
9 months ago
Superb reverb, sounds just like a pedal of mine
Barry Galloway
1 year ago
I just redownloaded and extracted the files without issue. If it makes any difference I am using an evaluation copy of WinRar 5.91(64-bit). Please retry the download.
Joseph Taylor
1 year ago
Confirm this .rar (as of 26 Feb 2021) is reporting, "The structure of the archive is damaged" and can't be decompressed. That's a shame because it was touted by NI itself (https://blog.native-instruments.com/5-free-reaktor-ensembles-for-creative-vocal-processing/?utm_medium=email&utm_source=newsletter&utm_campaign=Blog%20content%20en%20%7C%20producers%20%7C%2026/02/21&utm_id=d3b8912c-6a93-47af-aef3-5b4e39ec9090)
James Stockley
1 year ago
I tried to expand the .rar file but got an error message "The structure of the archive is damaged". Any tips on how to access this?
Carlos Lopez
1 year ago
This is just incredible.
Moshe Banano
1 year ago
this looks and sound amazing! will take a closer look on that, thanks for the upload.