Crossmix Block

Stereo Mixer-Crossfader with Panning

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Ma Rue
0.11 (Updated 1 month ago)
November 28, 2020
Reaktor 6


A stereo mixer that allows for 2 channels of crossfading and panning plus a third stereo-channel to blend in.
2 audio inputs per channel, 2 modulation busses. Additional modulation input for crossfading and panning (additional modulations are not yet active).


Manuel Petersen
1 week ago
Hallo Ma Rue My idea is that I have a lot of wave recordings e.g. sample 1, sample 2 to sample X. With sample 1 the wave record of sample 1 is played and with sample 2 the wave record of sample 2, but if it is between sample 1 and sample 2, I wanted a mixture of the two samples to be played or the sample 2 crossfades sample 1. does your idea help or do you recommend something else Thanks alot