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Brainwave Hacking Binaural Beats Generator

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1.0 (Updated 9 months ago)
December 07, 2020
Reaktor 6


Heyo! This is a really simple tool I made for creating binaural beats for a course I teach. Maybe its useful for people~ Its related to a bigger binaural beats generator I made:
But stripped down to just do the essentials. Still great though!

Doron Sadja


Dave Schulze
9 months ago
Thanks Doron! I just picked up the Faded Instruments generator and noticed this, too. Looking very forward to creating and using binaural beats!
Doron Sadja
9 months ago
Thanks @bindlestiff! Thats really wonderful to hear~ Yeah, that larger binaural generator ensemble is one Ive use in a lot of performances and I love it. Ill try it with the other ensembles you mentioned!
9 months ago
Hey, I appreciate your contributions Doron! I have been utilizing your excellent larger binaural generator in an ensemble alongside Thala Estra' beautiful binaral build, driven by the MRC midi/arp I pillaged from Paule' superb Chaosis pata ensemble w/ the whole thing burnished wonderfully by Brett Lavallee's Greenverb (a fave!). They pair wonderfully, I push play and everyone within earshot faceplants in mere moments! Looking forward to using your latest for inducing calm, torpor and sloth. Thank you!
Philippe Loiseau
9 months ago
You might be interested in what Thala Estra made here in the UL.
Brett Lavallee
9 months ago
I love these sorts of things. Please make more things for Reaktor. Thank you.