Block made for MFTwister.

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December 12, 2020
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Block made for MFTwister.

Note that you may need to customize your MIDI CC mapping. If you want to use the push-buttons, check out the MF3D Blocks - they are easily remapped.

Adapted from David X’s Novation Launchpad Block.

A small contribution to this amazing community. I hope you find this useful in your creations.


2 months ago
Yes. You could modify the block according to the CC assignments on your MFT and save as a separate block (e.g. Page 2). Similarly for the MF3D block if you are using the buttons.
Lee Scanlan
2 months ago
thanks for this Vasco, how would it work with the different MF pages ( think there are 4) could you have a different instance for each page?