RBG Blocks

Blocks pack with front panel patching

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Rob Gee
1.2 (Updated 6 months ago)
December 19, 2020
Reaktor 6


Hi everyone, here is my blocks pack. They are primarily effects based and all have front panel patching.

I don’t want any donations, a follow of my social media accounts is appreciated though. I will try to add some videos, demos and teasers of new stuff…


I hope you like them as much as I do. Any bug reports, constructive comments or suggestions are welcome.

1.2 - Updated documentation
1.1 - Added/updated modules
1.0 – Initial Release

Included blocks:-
Attenuator v.1.0
Autopan v.1.0
Barberpole Flanger v.1.0
Barberpole Phaser v.1.0
Bento Box Crossfade Stereo v.1.0
Bento Box VCA Stereo v.1.0
Bento SVF Stereo v.1.0
Bit Crusher v.1.0.1
Compressor v.1.0.1
Diffusion v.1.0
Dual SKF Stereo v.1.0
Flanger Stereo 1 v.1.0
Flanger Stereo 2 v.1.0
Frequency Shifter Stereo v.1.0
Gain Bipolar v.1.0
Harmonic Phaser v.1.0
Ladder D Filter NLA v.1.0
Ladder Filter 8 Pole NL v.1.0
Ladder Filter 8 Pole NLA v.1.0
Ladder Filter 8 Pole NLB v.1.0
Ladder Filter 8 Pole v.1.0
Ladder Filter NL v.1.0
Ladder Filter NLA v.1.0
Ladder Filter NLB v.1.0
Ladder Filter v.1.0
LFO Sync 1 v.1.0
LFO Sync 2 v.1.0
LFO Sync 3 v.1.0
LFO Sync 4 v.1.0
Midi Out (14 Bit) v.1.0
Mix 2 v.1.0
Mix 4 v.1.0
Modern Paul Filter Stereo v.1.0
Monark Filter Stereo v.1.0
Mono-Stereo Mix 2 v.1.0
Notch Filter v.1.0
Phaser Stereo 1 v.1.0
Phaser Stereo 2 v.1.0
Ring Modulator Stereo v.1.0
Rounds Delay Stereo Mod v.1.0
Rounds Dual Delay v.1.0
Sallen Key Filter 2P NL v.1.0
Saturation v.1.0
Saturation+ v.1.0
SaturationOS v.1.0
State Variable Filter 2P v.1.0
Thru Zero Flanger v.1.0
Thru Zero Phaser v.1.0
Tremolo Stereo v.1.0.1
TSK Filter 2P NL v.1.0
TSK Filter 2P NLA v.1.0
TSK Filter 2P NLB v.1.0
ZDF Diffusion v.1.0

Shouts to Niels Speijer (for his sync macros), Robin Davies (for his 6 point lag range interpolation), Salamander Anagram, Michael Hetrick, David Alexander, Colugo, Colin Brown, Brett Lavallee and all of the great Reaktor community.


Brett Lavallee
5 months ago
Nice collection! Thank you.
Richard Philpott
6 months ago
Excellent! Thank you very much!
Carlos Lopez
6 months ago
Repects! Outstanding work!
7 months ago
Thanks Rob! 11/11
Víctor Bernardino de Castro
7 months ago
Very nice, thank you!
Joey Valizan
7 months ago
Christmas came early for me! This is an awesome collection Thank you!