lolologic Patchbay 6x6

Patchbay / Cable Matrix Block

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1.01 (Updated 8 months ago)
January 21, 2021
Reaktor 6
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Mainly this block is intended to be used in ensembles with other rack-ready blocks to connect "everything" with "everything" and do the cabling with the matrix. It's a way to save the cabling in snapshots and therefore maybe an alternative to racks.

The block has 6 inputs and 6 outputs those can be individually labled by a tiny keyboard that's included. Per output 2 inputs can be connected.

If 1 input is connected to an output, there are this options:
thru, rectify +, rectify - and invert

If 2 inputs are connected to an output, there are this options:
average, multiplication (normal and with one or the other input rectified), min, max, rectified min, rectified max, 2 more kinds of an average depending on polarities.

I'm not really familiar with blocks and racks so I put this to the test area and hope it is useful nevertheless.


7 months ago
Frank Uhlmann
8 months ago
Thank you, Brett. Done.
Brett Lavallee
8 months ago
Please copy view A to B, for compatibility with Racks mode. And also, this block is awesome.