4th Order DPW Oscillator

4 Voices 100 Waveforms Oscillator

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February 06, 2021
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4th order DPW (Differentiated Polynomial Waveforms) oscillator with 8 basic waveforms combined to 100 waveforms. There are 4 phase locked voices each with frequency ratio 1, 2, 3 and 4 combinable with a X-Y-Pad.

Structure and polynoms are different from Benjamin Poddig's uploads and even different from the Vesa Välimäki et al paper "Alias-Suppressed Oscillators Based on Differentiated Polynomial Waveforms". Unfortunately my solution of the immanent problems of DPW-Oscillators cause a little bit more but acceptable CPU-Load.

The instrument is rack ready but does not comply the block requirements and includes not many snapshots. So it goes to the test area.

Test Ensemble Update 07.02.2021:
Added a scope and replaced the VCA by a not clicking gate.


Frank Uhlmann
7 months ago
Nee, Paule, ist nur ein Hobby. Ich bin in der DDR aufgewachsen und da war immer eine Faszination für "Westsynthesizer". Jetzt bin ich Jurist und trainiere sozusagen meine graue Masse mit Reaktorprojekten.
7 months ago
Ist „4th Order Differentiated Polynomial Waveforms Oscillator“ deine Dissertation an der FU hier in Berlin?
Catman Dude
7 months ago
Ausgezeichnet! Danke viel Mals.
7 months ago
Danke schön, Frank.
Brett Lavallee
7 months ago
This is great. Thank you.