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1.0 (Updated 7 months ago)
February 08, 2021
Reaktor 6


Block adaptations of the RHYTHMAKER Synths by Lazyfish. Snapshots included.

Note: I included is a Non-Block Compliant Version [NBCV] of the Snare Synth that more faithfully reproduces the original snapshots. Pair with IC SENDS Block for modulation.

A small contribution to this amazing community. I hope you find this useful in your creations.


6 months ago
I look forward to seeing/hearing your adaptation!
Artur Nowak
7 months ago
RHYTHMAKER is still one of the most capable drum synths for Reaktor. I'm working on my own "adaptation" which keeps the sound engine intact, but enables full automation of sound parameters. I also turned it into rack format :-) I'm very curious to try this one out, thanks for posting Vasco!
Quinn Hanratty
7 months ago
This is awesome. I always loved Rhythmaker. This gives it some new life. Thank you!!!
Laurence Ketchin
7 months ago