Sample Randomizer

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1.1 (Updated 1 year ago)
March 03, 2021
Reaktor 6
Effect Multi-Effect


This is a recreation of Nuendo's randomizer plugin. this is a practice project I'm sharing. There are two different uses for this ensemble. One is to create samples from a original sample and the other is from a sound generator plugin. For creating random samples from one sample it works by you needing two channels, one midi and audio channel. You add a reaktor fx plugin to the audio channel with the sample on it and route midi to trigger the fx. For creating random sound with a synth you need two midi channels, one triggering the synth plugin and the other midi channel routed to trigger the reaktor fx plugin. note you will also need to create a midi note on the trigger midi channel to hear the effects of the reaktor ensemble. see your daw's manual on how to route midi. This tool if for creating sample packs or for creating your own sample libraries.

here's a video on midi routing in Ableton. If you are using another daw please check YouTube for routing midi tutorials.


10 months ago
This is cool and can produce some very satisfying results, but the interface is preliminary and overall could be way more user friendly. Of course, the spastic nature of randomization is the key to it's transmutative power, but great things just fly by here without ability to freeze and tweak them, leaving only tantalizing snippets on the record. Maybe a proj to carry forward a bit for builders. Needs mods. Great idea, though. Thanks.
Jeffrey McFarland
1 year ago
In Studio One, create the audio track and add Reaktor as an FX plugin on that track, and then load the Ensemble. Create a separate instrument track (it does not need a synth on it), add some midi to it, and set the output of this midi track to go to the Reaktor FX on the first track. I got it to affect my track, but had a very hard time controlling it. For the various FX, I could not visually tell when they are on and when they are off. The buttons are very small so you can't see if they are pressed in or not. When you click them, the surrounding text turns red, but it does not hold that state after the panel switches -- and the panel switches with every midi note. This panel switching also means you cannot tweak effects on the fly, because the panels are flying by. So, my feedback would be to make the on/off buttons much clearer and eliminate the FX panel flipping with every midi input (instead, let the selector on the right side be the sole determinant of which FX settings we can see). Thanks.
1 year ago
I use Ableton to write my music. I could do a video on midi routing in Ableton, but for other daw's I don't have access to them. The main thing is routing a midi note to trigger the randomness of the Randomizer. What I do is loop the midid section I want to record; hit record and leave it for minutes at a time to see what it comes up with. I'll try to a video this weekend.
Rasmus Jakobsen
1 year ago
It sound interesting ✨ - but also a bit complicated - a routing diagram would be great - but maybe I can figure it out without it