3D line rendering display

core macros to display 3D objects

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1.0 (Updated 6 months ago)
March 19, 2021
Reaktor 6


A multi-display driver in core with nodes to display 3D objects.
Also included :
a Blender file which contains a custom made python script which converts a 3D mesh into the right format. Make sure to change the output path in the script before export.
In the example you will see the object moving on 2 axis driven by 2 LFOs and also distort over midi note in.

Thanks to Clement Destephen, Sascha Lazyfish, Dietrich Pank, Georg Haupt for the support, improvement and core multidisplay driver basis.


David Perlzweig
5 months ago
wow, that's really great stuff. Thanks for uploading!
5 months ago
That's pretty amazing, I'm no blender expert but it would be very cool to use this to follow the music and have blender fill the shapes in using fractal geometry. That's a very profession concept. I hope it takes off and others post some blender video's somewhere. Especially with 3D headsets like the Oculus, etc.
Catman Dude
5 months ago
Echoing all the other comments: game-changing! Thank you, Efflam!
Jerome Santiago
6 months ago
This is superb, ISF shader compatibility would just kill it, Reaktor would be a full on audio visualizer with thousands of options to play motion graphics or apply visual FX to input all real-time.
Frank Uhlmann
6 months ago
tout simplement génial
László Bolender (Triangle Wave Records)
6 months ago
Absolutely brilliant, thanks Efflam!
6 months ago
Philippe, please press a key on your keyboard or drive in with a sequencer. The sphere becomes a new form.
Colin Brown
6 months ago
hehe, very cool! Thanks
Philippe Loiseau
6 months ago
joliii, merc. Dommage que je ne sois pas plus balaise en Blender...
6 months ago
Thank you Efflam