pūrva hapax legomenon 1.4

vivid scapes

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1.4 (Updated 3 months ago)
April 18, 2021
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a resonator study in wavetable

there is no manual all panel elemens contains info hints

- SLOWED: Pandemoneum
- FIXED: LFO meter
- ADDED: Snapshots

workflow for pūrva hapax:

Incoming MIDI is pitch mod by the two (red) modulators crossfade by the middle between both. The knob is the amount of mod by LFO combinations and wheel. Turn to left for no mod.
MIDI drives the wavetables from a map contains 3,400 samples. On every WT display are two unvisible knob layers. The upper is for banks the lower for samples. The map contains 34 banks - each bank with 100 WT samples.
Followed by 2 filtered resonators - ended in Pandemoneum. The mono compressor is feed by wt and jumps over the 4 resonators - mixed in the stereo field.
Effects taken from Illusions of Sound: Delay and Reverb. The gate way is for amp envelope only.
To avoid hummings be carefully with max unison and deep freqs in resonator.
LFO: The knob is the rate: left long up to 16 bars - right the shorter 1/64. Here are different rate ranges on the LFO's. You can toggle the wave multi/wave table except twice LFO and sample and hold. To change the multi waves click on the text and move the mouse up or down like changing WT bank and sample.

Please use ALT+I to show the info hints of gui elements.

Additional snapshots kindly by:
Alan, Philippe, Jonathan, Greg

All the small gre(a)y ovals are Lazy (random) buttons

MIDI Remote Control
(MRC) pata self generated Sharl algorithm

version 1.06
- FIXED: MW send
- FIXED: Arpeggiator

Enjoy the slomo demo - it's headphone music

8 track with pūrva and voodoo here:


4 months ago
Thank you @ all. Myself had a lot of fun to build this synth and snapshots to show you what sound is in. ty again to Al, Philippe Jonathan and Greg to open my ears for additional ways.
Petty Vendetta
4 months ago
Really captures the spirit of Herr Fortune
4 months ago
Very creative to generate atmospheres. Thanks, Paule!
Philippe Loiseau
4 months ago
nice one Paule
Phil Price
4 months ago
Paule, this really is outstanding. Danke.
Jan Heinke
5 months ago
5 months ago
Just want to mention how relaxing this is. I got real sick from Covid vaccine which is rare but listening to this really helped me out during the turmoil.
5 months ago
Thank you, Alan.
5 months ago
Imagination is your best tool. Very nice.