A big 6 channel scope based on the XY module.

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April 19, 2021
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Welcome to Scoplacix v1 made by (c) MvK / LogicNOT:

I wanted a big scope in order to use it for tutorials of my Eurorack synth. Use it to display audio or control signals. You can freely position the scopes on the big screen using placement mode. Everything is explained by the mouse over tutorial.

The download contains 3 files

- Readme: The connections made in the ensemble are listed here

- Scoplacix 1.00.ens (use this to see the scope in action)

Check out the 3 Snapshots of the ensemble to get a feel for the functionality.

A very simple blocks synthesizer is connected to the inputs of the scope.

- Scoplacix v1.ism

Instrument for the use in your own ensembles

Both files contain a mouse over tutorial. Hover the mouse over the controls and sections of the GUI to find out about their functionality. If you don't need it anymore you can either delete the multipicture in the root structure of the instrument or set it to invisible.


David Perlzweig
4 months ago
thanks @ andrew!
andrew aronson
4 months ago
two votes?? and what we have here is a rather illustrative example of a phenomenon of i have come to know as "casting pearls before swine" well i can definitely appreciate the effort that must have went into this to then share freely out of a goodness of your heart