Magic Stereo

Mono-to-Stereo and widening processor

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1.0 (Updated 1 year ago)
April 28, 2021
Reaktor 6
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Hi everyone, this is my very first Reaktor ensemble.
It's a mono-to-stereo processor based on comb filtering, it works well also on stereo signals.
It includes various utilities and a mono maker for bass frequencies.
I know, it's a verry simple one but I hope you enjoy it :)


Karolis Burzinskas
6 months ago
Thank You, Giuseppe! It sounds amazing. I was googling of some stereo widener plugin, and remembered Reaktor user library that brings action from most talented audio engineers of this planet.
Jörg Holzamer
1 year ago
Simple but very effective. Reminds me of a famous stereo processor for broadcast. Thumbs up and thank you for sharing.