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a test of AM with heterodyning

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0.7 (Updated 3 months ago)
May 22, 2021
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Version 0.6-------------------------------------
More stations, so now it's simple enough to leave gaps between... Some slots are better than others in terms of avoiding background whine...
I've also added a little noise to the signal.
All testing was done at 88.2Khz. So use that or a higher sample rate.

Version 0.5:------------------------------------
This update is oversampled and includes basic heterodyning. The result is that it sounds - to my ears anyway - a bit closer to playing with an old radio than the first version.
The GUI is also tweaked so that you can drop a wav on to any of the individual 'stations' to replace it.

Pretend radio with 6 stations and a tuning knob.
Only really works at 88.2Khz sample rate or higher - best at 176 or 192.


3 months ago
Record an am radio next to some power lines or in the heart of the city. Maybe you'll get lucky where you can make out what their talking about. lol just tune off station and you will get all of the racket you need. Blend that in but I like it like it is. Pretty cool with the old broadcasts you found.
Phil Durrant
3 months ago
Cheers Colin
Phil Durrant
3 months ago
All of those ideas sound great to me Colin :)
Colin Brown
3 months ago
I think another thing needed for realism would be some wide band noise with other radio signals, lightening, reflections, atmospheric noise, man made noise etc. That might help to break up the repetitive nature of a sequence of evenly spaced stations.
Colin Brown
3 months ago
Great to hear from you Phil! That's something I was thinking about as well. I'm not totally sure as the available bandwidth might not be wide enough. I guess you could just not use all 6 stations? Definitely something to work on though - more stations and wider gaps would be good.
Phil Durrant
3 months ago
Any chance that there could be more gaps between the stations - or at last one or two? I would like to have more of the background sound sometimes. Anyway, thanks for the upload :)
3 months ago
Thank you Colin.