Track Marker

Produces a 5 k -12db square wave for 1 millisecond on Start

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May 22, 2021
Reaktor 6


This module produces a 1ms -12db 5khz click when play or record is started. Assuming your DAW sends out the start command at 0 on the time counter you would expect to see this click start at 0 on the tracks wave form. This utility is used to line up tracks after being exported and re imported later. Seems after importing back into the DAW the click commonly has shifted positions. This small ensemble can be used to correct timing issues. Simply shift the track back to 0 assuming the recording started at 0. You need to zoom in to sample level within an a DAW for best results. Recommenced inserting this small ensemble at the end of all other effects in the chain. It can also by used in auxiliary effects to correct latency build up. Comparing the aux effect pulse to the start pulse can verify incorrect latency reporting. Therefore it is simply used as a tool. It has an on off switch if needed. Apparently Reaktor does not report plugin latency at this time and this is a workaround for the time being, Please remember to always inset the marker at the end of the chain. Otherwise plugins can destroy the objective by mutating the 5k square wave. If latencies are properly reported the click should also start at 0. If not shift effect tracks to line up the clicks. Naturally any effect with a time delay must be handled properly as the click will appear delayed by the delay of the plugin. If the click is longer than the delay the latency is off. But manually shifting the effects track can still correct the latency problem. Note the click turns off the audio for 1 millisecond so as not to mix the two making it difficult to use. Not a big deal as most recordings start a few bars into the track anyway and the click can be cropped out on the final mix.


2 months ago
That's pretty much it Andrew. With this marker you can tell if the ping system works. But like others have stated; if there is a delay in your effect chain a ping might think the delay is part of the latency. With this at the end of the effects chain the marker triggers at the start of the recording. If the latency is wrong the marker will be off.
andrew aronson
2 months ago
studiowaves, you got a lot of nerve coming on this user library and making a bunch of claims about what reaktor does and does not do.. and how our DAWs are supposed to act. if you know so much why don't you make some some "timecode correcting ensemble" and upload it here instead... oh yes, i see. that is exactly what you've done. haha. you know, if i haven't sold you on reaper yet, they include a tool called realNINjam i believe, and it has everything set up that if you make a physical loopback connection and press the ping button, it will ping your system and figure out the number of samples to manually offset in your settings. its the only way i've ever had my DAW setup correctly timewise, every time i've tried to do the drag and compare, the numbers were different to what the plugin reported reaper also has automatic plugin delay compensation, but only for plugins that report their latency sadly