Ursa Major StarGate 323 Reverb

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June 15, 2021
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This is my attempt at a digital recreation of my Ursa Major StarGate 323 Reverb.
The ensemble is based on over 18 months of RnD, which included detailed analysis of the actual rom data, a low level emulation of the internal digital logic as well as modeling the frequency response of the analog filters.

Based on the design of the SST-282, the StarGate 323 offers eight different reverb modes, ranging from tight plates to gigantic spaces. Each mode offers a set of custom decay times, including a zero-decay setting. The zero-decay setting disables the reverb tail so that only the early reflections can be heard. This creates interesting stereo widening effects, which vary with each reverb mode. Pre-Delay is adjustable from 0-320ms and can also be used in conjunction with the zero-decay setting to create slap-back effects.

This project is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Ursa Major/AKG/Christopher Moore.

Release Notes:
- added parameter names for midi control
- added noise on/off switch
- removed Michael Hetrick's sample rate reduction macro
- replaced Michael Hetrick's bitcrusher macro
- matched gain & noise levels with my hardware unit
- internal optimisations
- Happy 1 year anniversary :)
- Pre-Delay is now continuously variable!
- reduced CPU usage
- removed legacy 32kHz algorithm
- CPU optimizations
- updated GUI
- modulation input for the wet/dry control
- added delay time interpolation for higher samplerates
- improved anti-aliasing filters
- improved readability of the internal structure
- improved noise randomization
- improved noise modeling
- improved randomization
- improved parameter readout for Pre-Delay & Decay Time
- added the "original" tooltips
- added parameter smoothing
- added input mute & dry only buttons
- updated GUI + Rack ready
- added circuit noise
- I've been banging my head against the wall for four months straight just to realize that the reverb feedback signal needs to be inverted. tl;dr today the ensemble finally started sounding like my actual hardware. Enjoy!
- implemented sign inversion logic of the feedback & output taps
- adjusted internal feedback value
- fixed the comb filtering issue


Daniel Hogan
3 months ago
Thank you krabbencutter
7 months ago
Truly appreciate the care to detail given here. Cheers!
7 months ago
Thanks everyone for the kind feedback :)
Wiola Thoms
8 months ago
Respectable commitment! And no surprise, it sounds brilliant!
10 months ago
Been enjoying this!
frederic pasco
1 year ago
hey mate ,thx
1 year ago
Hey, nice work!
phillip bova
1 year ago
One of my all time unobtanium favourites … thanks a lot!
andrew aronson
1 year ago
1 year ago
Glad to hear that :) The early reflections have been massively improved with the 0.3 release and are on par with the hardware now.
Brett Lavallee
1 year ago
I like interesting stereo widening effects. Thank you.