krell-simulation with a back- and a front-oscillator

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1.2 (Updated 1 year ago)
July 24, 2021
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this kerell simulation not only generates random sound fragments, but also a random sound texture, as can be heard in the background of the original krell-soundtrack. therefore it contains two "oscillators".

the random parameters for the back oscillator (pitch, frequency and amplitude for 3 sine- and 1 sub-oscillator) run through a lowpass filter (glide effect) and finally through a reverb with feedback.

the following parameters are randomly influenced for the front oscillator: pitch, frequency, glide (with resonance), attack, decay, delay. furthermore a filter (cutoff, resonance and filter output), a reverb effect (dry/wet) and a mixer (level, panorama).

many thanks to joey valizian for the ingenious "numeric readout with multitext"-macro, which can be easily adapted to own needs, and to efflam le bivic for the nice retro-knobs.

layout a: krell-background, layout b: black background

1 year ago
improvement of the random control of the filter output. hopefully the last update ;-)
1 year ago
small update: little corrections in the front-osc reverb.