Superformula Dispersion

Experimental delay bank

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August 09, 2021
Reaktor 6


Superformula Dispersion 7

This is a very strange, experimental delay line. It is multi-band and multi-
voiced. The audio spectrum is split into 11 octave bands which are delayed
based on a 'superformula' delay time. The 11 bands are each handled by
11 voices, which get combined into a new audio stream and fed into the
next set of 11 voices. These 11 voices form a stage and there are 5 stages,
meaning that this is a 55 voice instrument.

It is hard to describe how to use it because it is so sensitive to parameter

Best results occur using slow modulations of very small values.

Warning, this will require a CPU capable of sustaining very high clock rates to
use effectively. I recommend a CPU that will maintain a constant base clock of
5 Ghz or better (constant and sustained, not a temporary boost clock

If you study it and experiment carefully you will be rewarded with an extremely
unusual sound effects generator.

The Block is included with a test ensemble to show some interesting types of
sounds that may be achieved.

Although these ideas are my own, I had a lot of help making this into a multi-
voiced instrument. The various Reaktor Builders who helped out are all
mentioned in the instrument properties and info tips.


5 months ago
Damon - you would need to define what temp sync means in this context. Don't forget there are 55 delay lines. I can imagine setting a tempo-based delay time but how will it change for each stage?
Damon Krause
5 months ago
Sorry for the rookie question but is there any way to make this tempo sync to host (Reaper/Ableton)? This is incredible but unfortunately it's unusable for anything rhythmic as it is now. I change the tempo in Reaper and the Block stays the same.
Rene Hofer
1 year ago
thanhs for this ,its amazing
Laurence Ketchin
1 year ago
Its glorious. My Computer is weeping.
andrew aronson
1 year ago
im going to give this an extra feedback layer with a nonlinearity. hoping to make my computer explode. wish me luck!!!
Duncan MacLennan
1 year ago
wow sounds amazing. dl-ing now
1 year ago
I forgot to put in the automation ID names for version 6. Version 7 has them, but there are no audio changes, so no need to download again if you don't automate.
Bo Rumba
1 year ago
Hands down, easily my favourite block ever. Thanks, arachnaut!
1 year ago
I made this 6 years ago and at that time not many people were running CPUs with performance that could run this effectively. Maybe now is a better time.