Experimental audio workstation

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4.0b (Updated 2 months ago)
August 14, 2021
Reaktor 6


OMega4b is an experimental audio workstation designed to make peculiar
sounds, drones, effects and small compositional phrases. OMega4b is an
update to OMega3. No audio instruments were changed from that version,
only the MIDI generator. It is a companion to OMega4a - but with a different
MIDI sequencer.

The older MTS sequencer in OMega3 has been replaced with
Pitch Vortex Quant, made by Catman Dude and myself.

Don't forget to start the Reaktor clock to allow MIDI generation. Since the
Vortex MIDI generator sends MIDI only when its 'blobs' pass the top pickup
point in the vortex display, you may need to wait a moment for the sound to
start and evolve. Also, sometimes things seem to get stuck and turning
Reaktor on and off will reset these difficult-to-find bugs.

This is a rather complex arrangement of Reaktor instruments, and I would not
expect anyone to be able to work on it without some exploration time. But I
think that study will be rewarded, and I find it a great way to fill idle
'lockdown' hours.

All of the snapshots have been suitably changed to work with the new
sequencer, and there are many snapshots included in all the instruments.

The GUI is quite large (3440x1440 Ultra-wide), but some panelsets may be
made to fit a smaller monitor, such as the 'Minimal' panelset, as a starting

The Omega3 version may be found here for reference:

A YouTube tutorial for OMega3 may be found here, it is still useful for Omega4:

The Vortex MIDI generators may be found here:

I would be remiss if I didn't warn you that, due to its complexity, I recommend
a CPU that is capable of 5GHz sustained CPU clock speed (SUSTAINED,
not BOOST) to be able to use this effectively.


doter13312 doter13312
2 months ago
sounds crzzzy ! :3
Brett Lavallee
2 months ago
Nice! Thank you.