Goban Sounds Delay Processor

Infinite delay explorer

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August 22, 2021
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Effect Delay based


I made this a while back, when AlphaGo 'Master' was playing against Lee Sedol. I used only samples from my Go board and Go stones.

These samples are triggered from a keyboard, manually, or via an LFO and then sent into a 2 stage diffusion delay network designed to explore the limits of feedback. In other words, feedback that runs forever without increasing or decreasing in volume. Only the echo and reverberent density are affected if the feedback controls are carefully adjusted.

This requires a very careful setup.

My goal was to make one of those Sci-Fi spacey effects that accomodate flying saucers and outer space scenes from the 50's B movies.


Bee Feltham
1 year ago
This is a lot of fun. Lots of parameters to tweak and many interesting results. Great work!
1 year ago
This is User Library upload #6000. Do I get a (sur)prize?