Spaces, delays, resonators and modFX

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1.2 (Updated 1 week ago)
September 02, 2021
Reaktor 5 or lower
Effect Delay based


Spcaetrix is not just a typical reverb - and perhaps it's not as dense and smooth as some other reverb-plugins - but it can do some things these reverbs can’t:

* Delays that dissolve into reverb (my favorite :-)
* Big spaces with extremely long decays (up to 1000 seconds)
* Etremely long decays that can be stopped by incoming audio (e.g. to avoid clashing of unrelated chords)
* unreal small spaces
* shape the decay time in the frequency domain (decay-rate-eq) to drastically alter tail character (Compare presets „Plate“, „Large Hall“ and „Rising“)
* modfx like chorus and flanger

New in 1.1
- Taper Slider to emphasize later or earlier reflections
- 2 (out of 8) refections can be tempo synced in bpm mode
- refined decay auto damping
- new parameters: lowcut and stereo width

New in 1.2
- Lower on the CPU
- sorted snapshots


1 month ago
Bee Feltham
1 month ago
Excellent sound and easy to use, thank you!
Laurence Ketchin
1 month ago
I love it. Great work!
phillip bova
1 month ago