Stereo in Pan with crossfeed and swap channel switch

Pans toward left or right and crosfades low tones to center.

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1.0 (Updated 7 months ago)
October 23, 2021
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This can be used to choose which side of a stereo track to pan towards. The cross feed centers the low tones. If panned 100 percent to the right only the right channel survives, same with panning left . If centered it passes the stereo signal and cross feeds the low tones to the middle. One example is connecting it after a stereo processor like two mono cabinet simulators embedded in a single stereo track. Panning towards one side or the other gives preference yet can keep both in the mix. The swap button swaps the output channels. I used it the other day with a stereo echo on a guitar track, kinda cool as it pans the stereo echo too.