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VA circuit modeling of the infamous green stompbox.

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Andre Bopp
0.8.1 (Updated 3 weeks ago)
October 27, 2021
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Virtual analog circuit modeling of the infamous green guitar pedal. The frequency response seems to match the original relatively well.

The Clipping Stage and Tone Stack of the circuit were modeled using the Nodal DK method. To solve the implicit nonlinear equation of the diodes, the iterative Newton-Raphson method was used.

- Drive
- Tone
- Out
- In (default -10 dB)
- Switchable Softclipper
- Diode Age Knob (adjustable Diode Ideality Factor)
- Oversampling (2x, 4x, 8x)

The limited amplitude at the input is necessary, because the modeled circuit does not (yet) react kindly to dB values above 0 dB and sometimes tends to explode. Therefore CAUTION!!!

Solution (10.11.2021): If the audio overloads at high input volume and high drive settings, turn down the output volume (this is probably due to the interconnectivity of the circuit). If it gets too quiet, just turn up the ensemble volume or add an amp at the end of the signal chain on the primary level.

You can find the used schematic under the following link:

The GUI was created with Skin- and Knobman.

The whole thing was implemented with the help of recorded tutorials from HackAudio. ( [The videos are on the Patreon page].

- Find out why the ensemble sometimes freezes when you change certain settings during audio playback.

By karachay (Andre B.)


01.11.2021 - Added Quiet Switch from Z Gabr to the Power-button. Clicking is now hardly audible when pressing the power-button during audio playback.

09.11.2021 - Quiet Switch corecell has been moved to its own coremacro. Now you really shouldn't hear any "clicks" and "pops" when pressing the power switch.
The default input amplitude setting was set to -15 dB.


Andre Bopp
3 weeks ago
Am not familiar with ZDF filter. Depending on the number of parameters to be estimated, the procedure would have to be adapted somewhat, but theoretically it should work.
andrew aronson
4 weeks ago
wonder if this method could be used as a solver for a zdf filter?
andrew aronson
1 month ago
Robert Savell
1 month ago