Zenathor Chaos

Chaotic Block + Drum Gen

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November 16, 2021
Reaktor 6
Instrument Other


An implementation of Nopog's Zenathor Chaos. This Gen create a chaotic map based on the "Zenathoid Man" algorithm.

Chaotic Engine Spec
+ dual random seedbanks with seperate freq and gain
+ Gen 1 has 2 seedbanks with a morph control between them
+ stepped random auto seeder
+ self fm
+ random + xy
+ random autoseeder with speed control
+ gen mode
+ kik, open/closed hat, snare drum outs
+ alien/non alien interpolation
+ random VCA gates
+ a second VCA stage for the dual clock VCA inputs (use for bpm synced chaos)
+ Auto Trilloids - these beasties are released on one step of a 6 step randomised sequencer

the sequencers other 5 steps contain 3 steps of zenathor chaos, 1 step of the riff machine and a silent step.

+ Trilloids Mode - because 1 step of 6 auto Trilloid is not enough. This mode can applies fake quasi-trilloids to the whole sequence.


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