Filter with a twist

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V 1.0 (Updated 2 weeks ago)
November 21, 2021
Reaktor 6


Second Order Filter with simultaneous HP, LP and BP output. Based on the Numerical Simulation of a RLC Circuit. The Bandwidth of the Filter (or it's resonance width) can be changed by the Q Factor Control. A Built-in Q Tracker Modus allows for Dynamic Changes of it while sweeping the Cutoff. E.g. Low Q at Low Frequencies and high Q at high Frequencies. Thereby Creating a unique Filter sound. FM Modulation is also supported.

The download Contains the Block and a small demo Rack.

Technical Details: The differential equation of a driven Series RLC circuit is solved in real time using the Runge Kutta Method.


2 weeks ago
Hey, this has a great sound! Thanks for this!