Mono/Stereo Pan with low end crossfeed

Pan control, splits low freq energy between stereo speakers.

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November 24, 2021
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This is a constant power style pan control with a low end crossfeed that keeps deep bass tones more in the center the deeper they go. Generally bass tones descending below 250 hz become omni directional at some point so using this reduces the speakers cones excursion on a full pan. At this point both speakers are working to produce the bass instead on one. This increases the clarity of a speaker system by reducing doppler distortion created by long cone excursions. The frequency response of the bass is not affected as both speakers acoustically re-add the power. It's also kind of nice on headphones as the deep base stays on both sides. There is a low and high switch to choose between a fast or slow crossover and a mono stereo input switch. In mono, only input 1 works as input 2 is disconnected and input 1 is fed to both sides. Choose a crossover frequency that works best. Tones below the crossover gradually pan towards the center the deeper they go. The low/high switch determines the degree of panning below the crossover frequency. This is made to be used as a plugin in a digital audio work station for either stereo or mono tracks, naturally it can also be implemented in your ensemble. Note*, this can by used with the pan centered to process a stereo signal, The deep bass tones from both sides will head towards the center making it useful as a master plugin. Hope it helps.