MiniSubLK 1.3.0

simple poly Synth takes 1 Osc - 1 Filter (+Delay) to max

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1.3.0 (Updated 10 months ago)
November 29, 2021
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++ Warning: knob jungle ++ proof of concept for more complex synth with nicer optics ++
* small knobs are modulation params of bigger knob beside it *

Made with 3 rules:
1. only primary
2. macro depth = 1 (except self made chaos LFO)
3. guiding number is 2: dual Osc, 2*2 LFO, 2 Env, 2 Tap Delay, Dual Gap Filter and so on

Has 5 Sections (from left to right - please click on picture to enlarge - B view is optimized for smaller, less wide monitors):

1. Komplex Oscillator with 4 main knobs + tunable Sub + colored Noise and Rumble:
1.1 switch or slide (mix) between 7 wave forms
1.2 wave width (is additional sub osc pitch on Sine) [named shape]
1.3 mix between single or pair Osc of that form [named Pair]
1.4 gap between 2 of the pair Osc [named Gap]
1.5 Tremolo (amp mod by LFO A) [top left corner]
1.6 Vibrato (pitch mod by LFO O) [top left, below trem]
1.7 Sub Oscillator has same shape, pair and gap settings as main Osc with Dry/Wet and and tuning (0-2 Octave)
1.8 Noise Osc. with Dry/Wet and Color (Filter Cutoff in Tune with main Pitch)
1.9 Rumble Osc. with Dry/Wet and Color (Filter Cutoff in Tune with main Pitch)

2. 7 Wave Shaper (have mostly a dry/wet knob [first] and function [second] ):
2.1 1 - 4 fold wave folding
2.2 phase folding (just an allpass)
2.3 1.-3. order wave shaping (wave stretching)
2.4 Mod Clipper (clipping signal with delayed copy)
2.5 Sample & Hold (density (can set relative to pitch) and randomness)
2.6. Quantizer (squarify wave) (step size and offset)
2.7. Limiter (wave smoother - crude Low Pass)
- shaped signal on every stage can be used or added, subtracted, multiplied, or inverted and multiplied with incoming

3. Modulators: 2 Env + 2*2 LFO
3.1. ADBDSR dedicated for Amp & Osc
3.2 Delay + ADBDSR for Filter
3.3 5 Form LFO: sine, triangle, square, random, chaos dedicated for Osc and tremolo, from very slow to almost audio (2 speed modes), poly mode (triggered by key)/ mono mode (no trigger)
3.4 dedicated LFO for Filter
3.5 2 FM-able LFO for shapers and Osc (and vibrato)
(Section 2 & 5 can use both Env, most sections have 2 different LFO for every function to choose from and can use both Env)

4. Gap Filter
- dry / wet and serial / parallel Knobs
- set LP and HP half individually to 0 - 6 order
- set gap between them (positive = BP, negative = approx Notch)
- additional 2x2 superlow and super high filter to clean signal
- Resonance + Res. balance
- in and out gains with optional saturation
- optional feedback with delay (strength and length - can't be modulated)
- filtered signal can be used or added, subtracted, multiplied, or inverted and multiplied with input

5. Delay (optional diffusion and opt. filter)
- dry/wet
- diffusion strength
- Time x 2 for both tap lines
- Feedback x 2
- LP / HP Filter cutoff (can't be modulated)

final volume and saturation

best usage: attach some effects and make evolving sounds

Release Notes:
+ added LFO F option: unsynced mono
- switched 4 misplaced knobs

= overhauled parts of design, removed GUI quirks and typos
+ added second delay tap line (+ tap 1& 2 crossing option)
+ added resonance balance between LP and HP
+ every wave shaper result can now be also added, subtracted, multiplied, inverted & multiplied
+ added tremolo and vibrato (with delay for rotary effects)
+ noise and rumble signal can ringmodded for FX sounds
+ both LFO have chaos mode with self made chaos LFO macro (go copy)
+ added extra LFO smoothing option to make noise and chaos more musical
+ LFO A can set mono too
+ 19 initial patches much more will follow
+ now 6 panel sets for small and big screens, with and without scope and spectrum and as easter egg the microLK

= probably last feature adding release (only fixes and patches from now on)
+ sample and hold shaper (dry/wet, density and randomness)
+ 2 secondary LFO which can FM-ed by any other LFO (always mono)
+ primary LFO freq can be set relative to pitch
+ parallel/serial option on filter, dry wet can be modulated

= make it well rounded
+ Sub Oscillator with Dry/Wet knob, Tuning (both modulatable) and on/off button
+ On/Off button for Noise and Rumble
+ some more presets
- fixed some labels and range settings


Dama Amanda
10 months ago
dreamy creamy darkness sound yeah