The Snowmaker (inspired from the Rainmaker)

A 16-Tap Rhythm Grain Delay legacy block.

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Kevin H.
1.0.0 (Updated 1 year ago)
December 13, 2021
Reaktor 6
Effect Delay based


16-Tap Rhythm Grain Delay with control of each tap :
- Level
- Pan
- Filter type, cutoff and Q
- Pitch shift

There are many global parameters as well with control of :
- Grain size and qty
- Delay feedback with tone and pitch
- Cross feedback and feedback slip (offset time)
- Global pitch shift
- Delay time and groove
- Delay time mod input
- Delay time sync

Someone interested in relooking this module ? Also looking for someone to adapt it so it's compatible with rack-ready blocks. Thanks and enjoy !


11 months ago
Very nice delay - thank you for sharing! I took your suggestion to adapt this for the Block format: There are a few bits that I may need to revisit, but it should be very usable as is. I hope you enjoy it!