Helium Vocoder


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0.1 (Updated 17 years ago)
December 07, 2001
Reaktor 5 or lower


HeliumVocoderFor R304 !A VoSim oscilator based Vocoder with formant shifting.Not exactly the most beatiful vocoder on the planet but quite robotic and quite understandeble ;-)Stick in a mic and start talking while playing midi to it...Enjoy,Martijn Zwartjes


István Király
5 months ago
Indeed, it is very nice!
andrew wainwright
4 years ago
Superb piece of programming, works well in real time, and if you use an octave bassline to trigger it, you can get a cool Daft Punk sound. A real gem
V. G.
8 years ago
it sounds even better than the strange noise coming from my neighbors basement
gergely suto
13 years ago
Great vocoder, very CPU-friendly. Thanx for this!
13 years ago
Nothing more to add, just excellent...
daniel battaglia
16 years ago
best vocoder ive tried with reaktor, so simple too, thanks
alice berrebi
17 years ago
Very simple and beautiful. Great tool to compose with.
Phil Durrant
17 years ago
this does not look very exciting but for me this is one of the best vocoders made with reaktor. very simple to use but very, very effective. one of the early reaktor classics.