Orchestra of Noize

13 Disharmonik Noize Gens

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March 08, 2022
Reaktor 6
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DOWNLOAD IS JUST THE DESCRIPTION - the ensemble is over at the forum. link in comments)

The ensemble is now an 11 gen version that saves about a third on cpu.

No reverb and a simpler niji snare.

Added multi-outs to enable post processing and editing.

Added a few more XY assignments + fixed 2 of the launchers.

Also Gen 4 was not working due to a synapse misfire - it is fixed and rockin now.

Lucky for some.... 13 noise generators and a double kik drum kit, create the finest cacaphony this side of Zarathusta.

All gens can be vca clocked by the main clock. Several modifiers are available. Tri-saw adds to the BPM creating non.linear beats. Its automated to flipflop on a 50% prob between tri+saw. 10 bpm shift does what it says on the tin.

All the divs can be set to random div or not.

Auto-mute will mute each gen
for a brief period in a random sequence. This effect will be noticed more when the vca are off because when they are ON its just muting an already gated signal.

Gen 1 - pure noise source containing 8 noise sources and a mix.
Gen 2 - is a chopper noise gen.
Gen 3 - A noise gen with 2 filters and shaper
Gen 4 - Alien Riff gen.
Gen 5 - a hihat gen seperate from the hihats in the kit.
Gen 6 - 2 noise sources. 1 that can generate a long, slow wash of noise - the other a faster style.
Gen 7 - A pulse chopped noise gen with left-right speed control
Gen 8 - Makes a horrible ugly riff
Gen 9 - A full on snow storm kind of noise
Gen 10 - can flip glitch or scream depending on the prob.
Gen 11 - 3 layers of filter dirty noise
Gen 12 - A mutant comb with a disgusting cacophonic output.
Gen 13 - A krushed noise source with 8 levels of krush left+ right

For builders there is also a potentially useful Random Flip flop Gen Macro.
Look in the Gen 10 core cell.

It takes 2 inputs and randomly flips them depending on the probability setting, this will give each input more or less chance of being heard.

Prob at zero will select just input A
Prob at 1 will select just input B
Prob at 0.5 will give both A+B equal but random chance
the flip speed will increase or decrease the flipping.

leaving 1 input disconnected makes it act as a random chopper.


8 months ago
Awesome... may your creations bring great wisdom and enlightment.
8 months ago
I'm writing meditation music with this as I type.
9 months ago