Les L.

Modeled rotary speaker emulation

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March 11, 2022
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Update: I’ve added the files in a .zip file, so it should be downloadable from this page now.

Modeled Leslie speaker simulation. It includes extensive horn and drum sound and speed control, important parameters such as the Doppler, Tremolo and Autopan effect, individual reverbs to imitate the wooden cabinet, and options to mix between the Horn and the Drum. It’s intended to be used on Hammond organs but it also sounds nice on guitars and other instruments.

I would like to thank the research of Adam Monroe for his work into researching and blogging the acoustic phenomena of the Leslie speaker and how it can be simulated efficiently.

--v03 Changelog--------------------

The UI has undergone large changes. The logo is now placed in the center, and the X/Y position of the rotors are placed on each side of the logo, similar to that of an actual Leslie cabinet.
It also features 1 large input meter at the right, and 2 large output meters for the left and right channels respectively.

The acceleration-deceleration fader units were changed from logarithmic envelope time to linear time in milliseconds.

The Debug sections were changed drastically. Last time they only featured the X and Y position of the rotors, now they also feature the speed (slow/fast) and rotation angle.

In a real Leslie cabinet, the sound normally only comes out of 1 horn (the other horn is a dummy) but in LesL v0.1 it featured 2 horns to create the chorus/phasing effect. LesL v0.3 only features 1 horn now, and the chorus/phasing effect is created by mixing the dry signal with the spinning signal to produce a more realistic chorus.

Tremolo on the Horn no longer alters the volume, but adds a lowpass filter and alters the cutoff. Basically, it sounds a little warmer and more natural.

The cabinet reverb was completely rebuilt in Core, now being called RoomVerb. I designed it to adress the fact that CabVerb had a metallic, echoey sound.
The early CabVerb featured 3 diffuser delays, the new RoomVerb system has 7 diffuser delays that are randomized to create a more convincing reverb.

I decided that the Monoizer section was useless and I removed it, to replace it with a 'Testing' section. It lets you test the module with white noise, or a parabolic sine wave at 440hz.

In the past, the Overdrive affected only the Horn signal. Now it affects both the horn and the drum.

Speaking of Overdrive, I also gave that a big overhaul. It now lets you select 3 different modes of drive.
NoLimit basically just changes the gain, Arctangent sound strong and warm, and Clipping sounds harsh and brittle.


mv audioware (mvshmusik)
8 months ago
Sorry about that. It seems that no matter how many times I upload it here, it's broken so I added a Google Drive link as an alternative. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1tdRM9-JjadsEgJv6XyiX92ebNepH4fqR?usp=sharing
cool breeze
8 months ago
17 minutes since upload; Download 404 Not Found 08:29 27 May 2022
mv audioware (mvshmusik)
10 months ago
@bindlestiff Sounds like a really useful feature, both for the player and creator. I’ll get to it soon!
mv audioware (mvshmusik)
10 months ago
@Bolle Just did that! I can’t wait to see what it looks like.
10 months ago
Great emulation! Maybe it might be cool to have a scope sim the speaker rotation/speed? Otherwise, this is closest to the bonafide classic in the UL, IMO. Thanks!
10 months ago
Hey! Shoot me a DM on the forum. I had an hour to kill this weekend and started making an adaptation of the GUI for this ensemble.
mv audioware (mvshmusik)
10 months ago
hey, thanks a lot for your review! i think what makes the original Leslie 122 so glorious is the wooden resonances it creates, and so I tried to capture it in this ensemble.
10 months ago
Groovy man! This quality build really gets that iconic Leslie sound in a nicely tweak-able GUI. Dropped a couple organ-ic ens in w/ this like Dieter's Organ Plastinat and spun out all afternoon in jam heaven. Thanks for sharing!
mv audioware (mvshmusik)
10 months ago
32 downloads, and little to no reviews ._.