monophonic subharmonic synthesizer, polyrhythmic arpeggiator

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April 01, 2022
Reaktor 6


2 oscillators with 2 sub-oscillators each. filter and efx-set (ringmod, chorus, delay, rev). each oscillator with a 16 step arpeggiator and free signature-selection.


8 months ago
I like where you have taken this otherwise simple 2 Osc, mono setup to, really nice sound and movement in a small package. What I've been enjoying in particular, is how different controllers give different textural results with the identical presets, between my laptop keyboard, to a touch controller, to a diy arduino controller, each really cool and useful in their own way. The somewhat glitchy noise aspects of this synth are nicely accenting in these circumstances. I dropped a randomizer in there o pretty good effect, though I hate messing w/the lovely GUI that obvi took time/effort. At least the ez_RANDOM_MACRO from the UI has a complementary color and allows controls to pop through. Look forwards to future updates. Thanks!
Robert Smith
8 months ago