Mastering waveshaper.

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1.0.1 (Updated 10 months ago)
April 04, 2022
Reaktor 6
Effect Distortion


HyperInflation is a mastering focused waveshaper designed to transparantly increase loudness, inspired by a plugin made in Oxford.

Getting started:
The A view is suitable for high resolution (eg. 4k) displays, the B view is suitable for HD (eg. 1080p) displays.

Start by raising the Effect fader to the maximum. Note the increased output level, the central meter displays the loudness increase caused by the waveshaping process in dB.

Next, play with the Curve fader. Positive settings are more aggressively saturated, with greater level increase, while negative settings are more gentle. Note how the dynamic response changes: Positive curve settings tuck in transients, while negative curve settings enhances them.

With the Clip 0dB button enabled, input above 0 dBFS is hard clipped. With it disabled, overshooting samples are mapped back bellow 0 dB, for a different sound, retaining some dynamic information.

The Multiband button splits the signal into three frequency bands that are processed separately. This reduces intermodulation distortion.

When MB Safe is enabled, samples overshooting 0 dBFS after the multiband stage is dealt with according to the Clip 0dB button. When disabled, behaviour is similar to the plugin that inspired this ensemble, which may cause significant overshoots. The MB Safe button does nothing when Multiband is disabled.

The Matched Bypass button disables the processing and increases the level of the input to match the processed output. This gives a convenient way to hear the side effects of the processing. Note that it will likely cause significant overshoots, that may cause output clipping or change the response of downstream processing. Matched Bypass is only intended as a checking tool, not for processing.

With the OS (Oversampling) button enabled, processing is run at 8 times the Reaktor sample rate, which reduces aliasing.

It is recommended to follow HyperInflaton with a limiter or clipper. With the Clip 0dB button enabled and all other buttons and oversampling disabled, it will not output samples above 0 dBFS. At most other settings it may.

Red on the meters indicate samples over 0 dBFS, but not necessarily clipping. The output is not clipped, so don't be afraid of reds on the output meter as long as you're dealing with it later!

Oversampling macros by Laureano Lopez / kamedin
RMS-integrator macro by Efflam Le Bivic

1.0.0: Initial release
1.0.1: Wrapped in instrument macro


pablo vazquez dominguez
7 months ago
oh, not working in the free Reactor player....Bummer... but Good job to the creator,of course.
7 months ago
Hello! I have made a comparison between Hyperinflation and Sonnox inflator. If you want to check for yourself if it is a serious alternative to Inflator, you can do so by watching this video where I have compared them with the same values and inverting the phase to check their level of similarity. I hope you like it (the video is in Spanish) https://youtu.be/1gWQIQm04iU
9 months ago
So good! Thank you for making these!
ian ainslie
10 months ago
Stunning ensemble!
Kirill Guk
10 months ago
Amazing stuff , i love it totaly !
10 months ago
Good suggestion, I've wrapped it.
10 months ago
This is the hyper inflation we DO need ;) Sounds fantastic and I love the interface. Its really neat switching from larger and smaller views. My only suggestion would be to wrap everything in an instrument macro. it didn't take me very long to do it but makes it easier to build a rack with ism files as opposed to ens. Excellent work!
Phil Price
10 months ago
this is beautiful..
10 months ago
looks cool. I'd be interested in some comparison with the plugin made in Oxford by someone who owns it... ;)