King of Modulation

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April 06, 2022
Reaktor 6


Direct from Planet Xor a generative modulator/note gen.
Constructed from 8 auto seeding Jurassic L.F.O.'s in a feedback circuit to generate incredible complexity.
Features stepped, arp, linear or pulsified interpolation. The 4 outs can be randomly sequenced.

The speed dial increases the note speed.
The MODIFIER dial is a second speed control for when using the Arp, Linear or Pulsifier outs and it tightens the notes if using the stepped out.

There are several shapers. One is fixed, the other is morphable on the X-Y.
A random gate inserts silence, increaseing the speed control will increase the frequency of the silence and shorten the length of the gate.

2 arp styles and virtouso mode. 1 is more simple, the other more complex.
Auto speed, auto seeding with reseed speed control.

Rex also talks 2 Alien languages.

+ clock vca input to allow BPM sync (switch on and connect to a clock block)

Rex is intended as a mod source. But can also be used as a note gen.
As its not range scaled its best connecting to an oscillators mod A or B and set KT off.
You can then use the mod slider to act as a scaler to keep the output in a useful range.

Snaps - Allow random snapshop selection. thanks to Arachnaut.

I plan to go to Xor and meet the advanced Alien Dino's,
i have the coordinates to the Planet and visit next week. Can't wait...
it might be tricky sending you a postcard, but i'll try grabbing a few more modular Alien Dino designs if possible....
there are 2 spare seats in the U.F.O. if anyone else wants to visit let me know!


10 months ago
Both + the finest Champagne all the way!
Steve Wiliford
10 months ago
Will there be snacks or an in flight movie? As with all your creations, confused and entertained all at the same time. (that's good).