10 Logistical Lizards

Reptilian Chaos

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April 09, 2022
Reaktor 6


A few enhancements + fixed Kik 2 so it makes better patterns, and Lizard 8 was sleeping under a rock. I put him in the sunshine and gave him a juicy cricket for lunch and he is now back in action.
The tom rolls and drum seq now have speed control.

A remix of a re=implementation of SuperCollider's Logistic uGen. At low frequencies, this provides random stepped modulation. At high frequencies, this will produce wild modem sounds.

+ dual riff ramp outs with modifier

+ 1 out with added random
+ random - gen - snaps

riffs 1+3 have a Lizard shaper
riffs 2+4 have a 16 step curve bank to ramp the chaos with direction control.
riff 1+3 generate 2 extra step quantized riffs on outs 6+7
riff 8 is derived from the seeder
riff 9 is pi-wrapped
riff 10 is a log2.718 x sin variation.

there are 8 clock ins not 10 (as riffs 6 +7 quantized take the clock from clock 1+3)

Direction applies to the drums and the ramp outputs.

The drum kit is logic derived.
except toms which are pulse driven. Its a full 10 piece double kik setup with 4 toms, cymbal, rade, hats open+closed + snare.

When running forward the 33 step seq allows for tom breaks at step 28 to 33 and randomised kik + snare rolls on various steps, which have a speed control (ROLL)

Note the the drums kik in straight away, but the chaos lizards take up to 10 seconds to start depending on the speed dial and how warm it is!

(Thanks to Hetrick's EuroReakt Logistic Block)