8 Chaos Mice Jazz Band

Rockin Rodents

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April 14, 2022
Reaktor 6


A 19 out implementation of the Mouse Map, also known as the Alien Rodent Iterated Map:

In this latest Edition the 8 Mice Chaos Jazz Band are really rockin....

Tons of new stuff
A sequenced out consisting of all 8 mice randomly selects 1 mouse on each step.

Also the noise extraction system as been re-designed to transform the noise into riffs.

And an 8 way morpher allows the 8 operator mice to switch to these 8 extracted noise sources. The noise riffs have a seperate seq out.

The Chaos B parameter in the mouse formula is automated by the noise riffs. So adjusting the noise speed alters the mouse riffs.

This seeding gives each Chaos B parameter a different value.

The noise riffs have 2 seeding modes that change riffs. The first has a system that seeds each noise riff with the previous riff, so there will be an element of repetition as the same seed passes to the next gen on each step. But after 8 seeds pass they are all different, so that element of repetition is different. Allowing for a similar but constantly change pattern.
The 2nd seeding mode is randomsised from a 100000 seedbank that is randomised so all the riffs are always different, and there will be virtually no chance of repitition.

The clock for the seeder has 2 modes that alter the riffs in a way that note clusters are grouped. The first groups them in clusters of 4, 5, 6 or 7. The second mode groups them in clusters of 1,2,3 or 4. The difference makes the swing and accents and repetitivness of the riffs change.

The drums speed is also controlled here. The max is halfway, over halfway the drum triggers cuts out leaving just the riffs playing.

Each Mouse has a seperate freq speed control + auto note length.

When VCA is on and the 8 clock ins are connected they can be used to control the mice. Gating them down with VCA's.

The mice have been tamed so they don't squeek to high or low.

+ added waveform viewers
+ the 8 noise automators have outputs
+ snap to chromatic scale
+ random
+ an 8-MIX of all mice merged is poised for action aswell
+ a separate 8 mouse seq out
+ an alien arp interprolator
+ a mouse slew with time.

Complex drum patterns are delivered by an 8 piece Drum Kit. It has 2 ways of being triggered.

First is auto triggered by the noise riffs. Meaning when switched to noise from mouse the generated material will be very synchronised, when using the mouse riffs the drums will be much more abstract in relation to the riffs. The overall speed of drums is controlled by the noise speed.

Second way of drum triggering
is manual and in this mode the mouse 1-8 chaos speed alters the pattern. There is a macro to switch the whole kit . Or each individual drum can switched seperatly to create hybrid triggering.

The drum labels are arbitary, you can trigger any drums, you could connect the TOM out to a second snare or whatever combo comes to mind.

Also the drums contain some velocity info to allow accented dynamic drums. If the drum blocks you use have a VEL switch, it should be set to on to have dynamics. If VEL is off all drum hits will have the same volume.

The snare rolls have a speed control and can be manually trigered or set to auto. When set to auto they are triggered by the higher notes of mouse 1 gen.

Thanks to Hetrick's EuroReakt Mouse block and Rodney my Australian Kangaroo Gerbil.


9 months ago
Cal, it's always fine by the creator to gave us an ens around a new Block. Ty
Greg Killmaster
9 months ago
Wow, this is fantastically fun and unique and useful. I love it and will use it. Thank you!
9 months ago
Test ensembles over at the forum now. https://community.native-instruments.com/discussion/2447/8-chaos-mice-jazz-band/p1?new=1
9 months ago
Sure, i have a test .ens with factory blocks, nothing fancy. Just bento osc and niji drums and 1 clock + 1 lfo. I still can't upload anything over 5mb here, so i will dop it at the forum later...
Greg Killmaster
9 months ago
Ooo, can you provide a .ens example. Love the look of this! Thank you!